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Lung Function Testing
A comprehensive range of standard and specialised lung function testing is available at our premises. Testing is accessible via direct referral from GPs and Specialists, separate from Consultant review. When Consultant review is also required lung function testing is co-ordinated to occur at the same visit when possible. Private hospital in-patients can also be accommodated and tested upon referral. A special effort is made to facilitate country patients.

Available tests include:
  • Pre and Post bronchodilator spirometry
  • Gas transfer
  • Lung volumes (body plethysmography)
  • Skin allergy testing
  • Bronchial Provocation including assessment of exercise induced asthma
  • 6 Minute walk tests (ambulatory pulse oximetry)

All tests are conducted using the latest in respiratory function testing equipment and methods according to current recommended international standards.

Lung Function Lab

information sheets:

  • Lung Function Test Referral Form [PDF]
  • Respiratory Function Tests [PDF]
  • Preparations and Instructions, Standard Lung Function Tests [PDF]
  • Aridol Challenge Test Patient Information [PDF]
  • Aridol Challenge Test Medication Withholding chart [PDF]

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